Acme Mills emerged in 1994 as a textile manufacturer with state of the art technology, seasoned workers, technical expertise and a vision to blend cultural values and creativity, with a promise to cultivate a new era in the textile industry. We work tirelessly to manufacture fabrics that are valued across nations and continents, because sky is still not the limit for us! We believe in understanding the demands of different sectors and manufacture products that individually cater the needs of each. With an annual production capacity of 200,000 Pound, Acme Mills is one of the largest producers of bedsheets in Asia and has been in business with hospitality, retail and healthcare industries for more than 15 years. Acme Mills produces towels annually, each of which is meticulously crafted and tested for quality control.

However, moving forward and improving our production, manufacturing, processing and shipping procedures and services is our utmost priority because our customers deserve better. With the addition of Air Jet & Water Jet Looms, the production capacity of bedsheets and towels has increased by 90% respectively, enabling Acme Mills to meet the demands of various industries efficiently. Our decision to introduce New Weaving Technology it has helped us serve our customers better as evident from 7% increase in positive customer reviews within 6 months.

With every passing day, we take a step forward towards improving our processes and ensure that we do not harm the environment, people or animals during our functioning.


Procured from the finest growing areas, oodles of raw cotton are mixed to produce consistent products after running it through vigorous systems to avoid contamination. We use a combination of mechanical and industrial processes to spin yarn, drawing out fiber, twisting and wounding it into bobbins. At Acme Mills, we aim at providing consistent, safe and innovative textile products to our customers which adds to their competitive edge and helps them prosper.


Keeping durability as our utmost priority, we work to interlace yarns of threads at the right angles to form different fabrics, beginning by selecting the finest fibers. A range of machines and extensive workforce is dedicated to manufacture different fibers, controlling the thread count, picks per inch, ends per inch and more, hence engineering durable and long-lasting fabric for you!


We have invested in high-end compactors, hydro extractors and dryers to ensure that the quality of processed fiber is uncompromised while our testing units perform robust quality-control tests so each product that leaves our house becomes a standard for the industry. High-temperature dying machines ensure color fastness and avoid shrinkage while our compaction machines help in quick drying, enabling us to manufacture products that maintain their shine and structure for a long period.


Our stitching unit is based on latest Japanese Juki stitching machines where made-ups are stitched. Equipped with highly sophisticated machines; over lock, safety, single, two and four needle machines are used depending upon the product specification.


  • Spinning
  • Weaving
  • Processing
  • Stitching


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